In the new season of the American show “The Voice” chair of the jury should return Miley Cyrus is a favorite of young audiences musical project.

However, her return may put producers in a dead end. It is no secret that the remaining members of the jury are not too keen Miley and Gwen Stefani, and does not want to catch up with her on the set and has already announced his departure from the project

“The producers would love to see the Shu left and Gwen and Miley. They expect a lot of drama, and so high ratings. So Stephanie left, she offered huge fees, but she refuses. Just don’t want to be part of scandals with Cyrus. Money do not interest her,” said the insider, and added that the producers of the show also fear that the departure of Gwen will entail withdrawal from the programme of the groom Stephanie Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5, who openly feuded with Miley last season.

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