Catherine Zeta Jones is one of the Hollywood top super stars who is known for her natural beauty and of course award winning roles in such films like Mask of Zorro, Chicago, Titanic and many others.

At the age of 45 she still looks as young and attracting as she was when she started her career. HoweverCatherine Zeta Jones it’d rumoured that her prettiness is not natural anymore. There are a lot of gossips concerning her plastic surgery though she denies aCatherine Zeta Jonesll of them. The reasons why celebrities go under knife are very trivial – they have to be in the spotlight the year round. At the same time every woman cannot accept the fact that natural beauty fades away and at all cost she tries to stop the time, especially when your husband had also undergone plastic surgery. Catherine’s husband, the Hollywood icon – Michael Douglas had also took an occasion to use the service of a plastic surgeon. The super couple has a huge disparity in years and it does not influence their relationship, though the last years were rather hard for their family and they even parted away for some time. It is well known that there is nothing kept secret that will not come to a light. In spite of the fact that Zeta Jones tried to keep her plastic surgery in a secret it is still became known to public that she undergone several types of surgery such as nose job, breast augmentation, Botox injections and face lift. Catherine Zeta Jones

Breast surgery is in a great request among women but especially often it is used by the red carpet stars. Breast is one of the most noticeable parts of the body and because of this reason every woman wants to have full breasts. Catherine’s pictures prove that plastic surgery made her boobs bigger and fuller, previously she had small and slack breast.

Her appearance and especially her face are great. However, taking into account her age it provokes some questions. Usually people at the age of forty and more have a lot of wrinkles and loose skin but that is not about Catherine, her face is lifted and smooth. Now, it looks even better than it was many years ago, when she started her career.

Tabloids used to ascribe her usage of Botox injections in order to keep her face lifted and to avoid wrinkles but of course she denied that information.

One of the most visible parts of a face which rather often demands correcting is a nose. The so called nose job is very popular among celebrities. Comparing Catherine’s pictures we may notice great changes in her look. The nose became narrow and pointed though it was broad.

The public was not indifferent to the appearance changes of the beloved star. The majority of her admirers noticed that all the operations were done on a high level by professional plastic surgeons and the face of a well known celebrity did not look artificial or ugly. Only looking on Catherine’s before and after pictures it is possible to understand that she undergone plastic surgery and we may also confirm that the specialists did a great job. In her 45 years she is still one the most beautiful women of her profession.


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