Relationship history Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck over the past couple of years have been very eventful.

The couple broke up, decided to divorce, then changed his mind, but to live together again is not resolved, then Jen again kicked the useless husband out of the house, and later took it back. And now, a week ago Ben and Jen decided to put an end to this “Santa Barbara” and the divorce is final. Fans of the couple hoped that this decision still can be undone, but informants close to the family say that they have already passed the point of no return, because the case remained for small – to sign the documents and start a new life without each other

Note that the final cause of the rupture Affleck and garner was not called. It was assumed that the cause of the breakup was the baby-sitter – Christine Ouzounian with which Ben allegedly cheated on his wife.

Today the situation was clarified, a friend of the family. It turns out that Jennifer kicked her husband out of the house not because of another woman, but because of the lies and alcohol. As we remember, in March this year, Affleck admitted that year already being treated for alcohol dependence and ended the first course of rehabilitation. Then, in his appeal to the fans of the actor said that he will continue fighting and more, but as it turned out, your communication is not fulfilled. Garner is the behavior of a spouse did not like Ben once again undermined the trust of Jen, so the actress went to submit an application to the court. “She no longer believes Ben. He promised to take the entire course, but two weeks later refused treatment, allegedly because she missed the children. She didn’t believe him,” he told insiders.


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