It seems that 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan once again is in search of himself.

Recently in the press it was discussed that the actress has converted to Islam, and photographers even managed to capture her on the beach in a gated Muslim bathing suit!

Now, Lin once again shocked fans with abrupt transition: the actress appeared in a very bold photoshoot for the magazine Odda. Lohan tried on several images, including a fur bikini pink. Apparently, in order not to distract attention from your dress, the actress practically refused makeup.

In addition, the star graced the cover of the edition: in the picture she’s posing in a sweatshirt, and her hair modestly collected in the tail.

Recall the last time Lohan’s frequent trips to Muslim countries, however, with the charitable purpose Lohan is actively involved in supporting Syrian refugees. Once Lindsay admitted that using the Koran, she found the meaning of life: “In America, I have a lot of things happened over the last 10 years, and in London I have friends of Arab descent, who have always supported me. Once they gave me to read the Koran, and I continued to study it in new York — this book opened new doors in my spiritual development and I re-found the meaning of life”.

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