A book describing the torture and murder of reality star Kim Kardashian will reportedly be turned into a movie.

Kardashian and her family are the focus of a new book by author John Jetsyn Tache, titled Killing Kardashian. The novel explicitly describes the brutal deaths of every member of the family. It follows a killer, wearing a Taylor Swift mask, who gives himself 24 hours to kill the Kardashians. The book opens with Kim Kardashian hanging from chains in a desert bunker while her husband, Kanye West, is tied to a chair.

“And even though the psychopath had planned well, he imagined that Killing the Kardashians with their complex schedules and airtight security would be an impossible feat at best,” the description of the book reads.

The writer penned the book in revenge for the Kardashians “ruining” TV. Tache says the book is “satire.” He also insists that he wrote the plot six months before Kardashian’s Paris attack, where she was bound and gagged last October. The 35-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was held at gunpoint inside her hotel room by masked men, who stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from her.

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