The Universal Studios studio will shoot "Blonde Ambition," a movie about the life of American artist Madonna, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

The project features Michael De Luca and Brett Ratner as producers and debutant Elyse Hollander as a screenwriter. Hollander's libretto occupied the number one in 2016 in the so-called "Black List", the Hollywood list that follows the most attractive scripts yet to adapt.

The story will focus on Madonna's youth, in particular in the early 1980s, when the artist began work on her first studio album and began to discover the difficulties women face in that business, at The same time that he enjoyed his flourishing love life and his first flirtations with fame.

Madonna moved from Michigan to New York in 1978 looking for a future within the world of dance and dance, although she soon discovered her love of singing and songwriting. He tried out on a rock band and soon afterwards went on to dance and pop, the pillars on which his first album was based, released in 1983 with singles like "Holiday", "Borderline" and "Lucky Star."

Hollander previously worked as an assistant to Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu during the filming of "Birdman."

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