Two weeks after Abigail Breslin opened up about her own sexual assault in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the actress responded to a comment written on her Instagram to explain why she didn’t come forward with the incident right away.

After posting an infographic showing the low number of assaults that are reported, Breslin received a comment that read, “Reported rapes are the only rapes that count.” The 21-year-old actress then candidly explained all the reasons she hesitated to talk about her personal experience.

“I did not report my rape. I didn’t report it because of many reasons,” she said. “First off, I was in complete shock and total denial. I didn’t want to view myself as a victim so I suppressed it and pretended it never happened.”

As she was in a relationship with the perpetrator, Breslin was unsure if reporting the incident would cause more issues.

“I was in a relationship with my rapist and feared not being believed,” she wrote. “I also feared that if my case didn’t lead anywhere, he would still find out and hurt me even more.”

She continued, “Third, I knew how hurt my family and friends would be after finding out and I didn’t want to put them thru that.”

Breslin said she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the incident. Despite making progress, the actress revealed she still has nightmares and flashbacks.

“I still jump when somebody touches me unexpectedly, even if it’s my best friend tapping me on the shoulder,” she wrote.

The Dirty Dancing reboot star said that claims that unreported rapes “don’t matter” is “unfair, untrue and unhelpful.”

“It’s like [saying] you got a black eye from being punched in the face, but because you didn’t call the police, you didn’t really get a black eye,” she explained.

She concluded, “Unreported rapes count. Reported rapes count. End of the story.” 

Breslin revealed her story in an Instagram post earlier this month that showed a block of text that reads: “Consent II: You are not obligated to have sex with someone that you’re in a relationship with. Dating is not consent. Marriage is not consent.”

The Scream Queens actress added a caption, writing: “I knew my assailant. #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth #breakthesilence.”

The next day, Breslin had received an outpouring of support and love from fans on social and took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank everyone.

“So beyond thankful by the immense support regarding my IG post last night,” she wrote. “I am so lucky to have all of you kind souls in my corner.”

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