Everyone crammed in to the gender-neutral bathroom. Kylie Jenner flouted the Met Gala's ban on social media to share an epic selfie from the fashion bash in New York last night.

She rounded up all her A-list pals for the snap and a whopping 17 people grouped together for the bathroom selfie. But from product placement to famous faces, there's SO much going on in the shot. So we've broken down Kylie's "annual bathroom selfie" so you know EXACTLY what went down.

The guest list
From left to right, the picture features: Moonlight actor Ashton Sanders, Luka Sabbat, Kylie Jenner A$AP Rocky, Kendall Jenner, Paris Jackson, Kim Kardashian and Lily Aldridge.

It continues with Michelle Monaghan (photobombing in the background) Diddy, Frank Ocean and Brie Larson.

The secret romance
Dating rumours about Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky were swirling around their pair for most of 2016. They never confirmed or denied their relationship – but they look pretty cosy in this snap. She cuddles up to the rapper in her barely-there dress made out of net.

The location
Despite being taken in a bathroom, there are both female and male stars present – suggesting that the bash favours gender-neutral toilets. And Hailey Baldwin confirmed that there’s just ONE bathroom for all the guests. She told E! News on the red carpet: "There’s just one bathroom during the dinner so all the girls are in there fixing their makeup, taking photos and sorting their hair out.”

The product placement
Kylie couldn't resist an opportunity to promote one of her products. The savvy entrepreneur took the selfie with one her phone cases front and centre. The case features her lip kit symbol dripped with baby blue paint and is available at her online shop.

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