Britney Spears is one of pop's most beloved stars. And now fans have a chance to own a piece from the 35-year-old talent's iconic music career.

Seven of the Toxic singer's costumes are now on Ebay, including the sultry green number worn for her I'm A Slave 4 You performance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC. The live snake is not included.

The seller is hoping to earn $1m dollars on the sale, but right now bids are around $46k. The strappy olive top and glittering short shorts Spears sported while showing off her awesome abs and writhing with a ball python on the MTV stage is one of her most memorable costumes.

As the cherry on top, the set also contains the bedazzled boots created just for the sultry performance. In addition to the VMA look, collector Dana Proctor is saying goodbye to six other ensembles which belonged to the Gimme More singer.

The iconic outfits include the chap-and-pants look worn during her Overprotected music video, as well as the belly baring football jersey the Mississippi born talent wore on stage at the Super Bowl in 2001. According to the Ebay listing, the owner began her collection in 2003 after Britney auctioned the pieces herself.

The listing describes the set as all authentic 'with Authenticity Certificates.'

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