Fans of the Hellboy film franchise are furious Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman are reportedly not involved in a planned third movie.

 Guillermo directed the cult 2004 film and its 2008 follow-up and has often spoken of his desire to make a third film based on Mike Mignola’s 1993 comic book.
 However according to editors at The Hollywood Reporter, producers at Dark Horse Entertainment and Millennium Films are planning a third film without the involvement of either man.
 The Descent director Neil Marshall is reportedly in line to take the reins, with Stranger Things star David Harbour set to take the title role.
 Fans of the franchise have expressed their outrage at the move to continue the franchise without its original director and star.
 “Rebooting Hellboy without Del Toro or Perlman, “ comic book artist Caspar Wijngaard wrote on Twitter. “These movie studio are really clueless to when they had a good thing.”
 Another Twitter user with the handle @Koil1990 added, “They are rebooting hellboy....... without ron perlman or del toro, I’m actually fuming.”

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