Only yesterday, Samuel L Jackson was telling people he didn't know whether he was even involved.

In Avengers: Infinity War, as he hadn't yet received the call (or so he claims anyway). And now, he might have just let loose a massive spoiler for the future of Phase 3.
 The actor was on the marketing trail for Kong: Skull Island, so naturally he's had to fend off Marvel-related questions the entire time, since we're all so obsessed. And in the latest video to emerge - in which he again confirms he's not in Black Panther - it sounds an awful lot like he's confirming that Red Skull will be returning to the MCU at some stage soon.
 "You didn’t see me in [Captain America:] Civil War... I’m still out there trying to figure out what The Skull is going to..."
 He's cut off at that stage, but it definitely sounds like he's saying the Captain America villain isn't as dead as some might think. And that shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise: Red Skull was planned to return and probably would have if Hugo Weaving hadn't decided the job was no longer for him.
 And the characters in-universe don't yet have a full understanding of what the Stones can do. They may actually just absorb their victims rather than killing them (which is why Skull disappears when he tries to use the Tesseract), which might well come back in a big way when some of the heroes are "killed" in Infinity War and someone else (Adam Warlock) is freed.
 If they're not going to reintroduce Red Skull, they certainly should be - not least because it amplifies the threat in Infinity War. And who wouldn't want to see Captain America face off with his greatest enemy again before Chris Evans potentially leaves the role for good?

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