We have learned quite a bit in the last week about the state of Jennifer Garner's marriage to Ben Affleck, mainly, that it is officially over after ten long years. Somewhere along the way, we also learned that they have been living apart for nearly ten months now and they are seemingly in a place where they can stomach being together for the sake of their three young children. It also seems like Garner is holding up pretty well or at least better than her estranged husband, thanks in part to a great group of friends.

 According to an exclusive report by People magazine, "Jen has been leaning on friends. She has a close circle of pals who she trusts and are really protective of her. Her girlfriends have been really supportive. They just want her to be happy." If Garner has spent the last few years fighting to save her marriage alone then it's possible that she is simply relieved to not have to babysit Affleck daily.

What is interesting though is the fact that the former lovebirds announced their split and then hopped a plane to the Bahamas with their kids. This feels like a pretty carefully planned split, doesn't it? They made sure not to announce anything until their kids were out of school and then the trip out of the country was perfect. Garner and Affleck likely figured that the U.S. media would go exactly as crazy as it did and that they'd have much more privacy in the Bahamas.

Are you surprised that the rumors about Garner and Affleck divorcing ended up being true? Why do you think that it felt like such a big deal for them to part ways? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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