Things are buzzing HBO’s Game of Thrones YouTube page. Let me explain.

Back at the end of March, HBO released a promo trailer for Game of Thrones season 7. Entitled “The Long Walk,” it feature shots of Jon, Cersei, and Daenerys slow-walking toward their respective seats of power. Although it didn’t feature any actual footage from season 7, it was pretty keen.
Now, that’s the promo above. But it’s embedded from FilmTrailerZone, not from HBO’s Game of Thrones YouTube page. That’s because HBO has deleted The Long Walk promo from that page. It’s just a dead link now, and shows up as a private video on the channel’s official playlist.This isn’t the first time HBO has deleted trailers. For example, if you scour the Game of Thrones YouTube page, you won’t be able to find the first trailers for seasons 5 and 6 — HBO deleted them ahead of releasing the second trailers for those seasons. (You can still find them elsewhere on the internet if you want.) I’m honestly not sure why the network does this — perhaps they don’t want the first trailers distracting from the second — but it happens.

There hasn’t been a proper trailer for season 7 yet — The Long Walk was more of an elaborate promo. But The Long Walk could be said to stand in for an initial trailer, and now it’s gone. Is HBO deleting it from the Game of Thrones YouTube page so it can spring a full trailer on us? With the cast finally doing official press for the show, it’s very possible.

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