In less than twenty years.. An no, just passed. A Florida resident Stephen Cummings is Known to have accused Director James Cameron of plagiarism “Titanic.”

According to the plaintiff, the main storyline, which tells about the romantic relationship of the main characters, expertly played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, completely lapped up with the history of his ancestors.
Cummings believes that James overheard the story of his family in 1988, and based on it, removed the tape, which brought stunning success. Stephen told reporters that his ancestors went on a cruise on the Titanic, and the crash last grandmother miraculously managed to escape, but her husband unfortunately died.
So it is unknown whether he froze, holding his makeshift raft as the hero, Leo, or had some other terrible circumstances, but now, Cummings believes that Cameron needs it.. $ 300 million and royalties in the amount of 1 % of fees tapes in 1997.
Why the man waited for twenty years to sue – he explains. Not commented on the situation and he James. "The Na'vi are unequivocally reminiscent of the [Strugatskys'] Nave," wrote Mr Bykov. Cameron has insisted that the idea for Avatar is an original one. He wrote an 80-page screenplay for the film back in 1994.
The brothers' work sold millions of copies, with many reading their fantasies as a thinly disguised satire on the KGB communist system.
20th Century Fox, Avatar’s UK distributors, declined to comment. The film was released last month and has already become the second most successful film of all time in terms of box office taking, behind Titanic.
Some critics have accused the film of racism, saying the story of a white US Marine who saves an alien race perpetuates the "white Messiah fable" and suggests that non-whites are primitives incapable of helping themselves. 

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