Michael Douglas Dying? So False!

The Michael Douglas dying rumor is not true, despite disgusting reports claiming the contrary.

In a new post in the National Enquirer, sources tell the mag that the A-List actor only has “three months to live.”

“The End!” blares a headline in the supermarket magazine, adding that the star has had a “cancer relapse.”

Douglas’ doctors are reportedly “weighing whether emergency treatment can save his life.” The tabloid continues, “His wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is worried sick because this time around he may not survive.” “He could have just three months to live,” adds the alleged “source.”

But don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids, because a rep for Douglas calls the report “pathetic” and insists the rumor is just that — a rumor! “Michael just celebrated his 5th year clean, which in the world of head/neck [cancer] is considered to be the sign that the cancer will not return.

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