On the The Profile Hollywood Auction 89 auction which will take place in Los Angeles at the end of June have exposed a part of a requisite from shootings of "Star wars".

Luxurylaunches reports about it on Tuesday, June 13. Among lots there is an original light sword of one of the main characters of the film franchize — Luke Skywalker. according to experts, its cost makes from 150 to 250 thousand dollars. The sword belongs to the producer Gary Kurz. In a set to the tool there is a certificate of authenticity.
on teme20:45 — on December 2, 2014 "That they have made Materials with a light sword?!" The parodies, a joke and bewilderment caused by a teaser of new "Star wars "
Also at an auction will be presented objects from shootings of other pictures, including the gold ticket from the movie "Charlie and Chocolate Factory", and also equipment of the actor Bill Pekston from the movie "Strangers".
"Star wars" — the fantastic film epic created by the director George Lucas. At the moment it consists of seven episodes and backs-offa. The light sword in the Universe of "Star wars" is weapon of Jedis. The blade is non-material and consists of the stream of energy leaving a handle. Because of it the sword has special balance, and only the elected soldiers can operate him.

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