George Clooney is willing to pay anything for every security measure possible to protect his and Amal‘s newborn twins, Alexander and Ella .

Find out how far the actor has gone to ensure nothing will ever happen to them.
According to the Daily Star, George is writing one check after another to amp up security at his $15 million-dollar mansion in Sonning, Berks.
So much so that the 56-year-old has hired each of the twins’ their own bodyguards to follow their every move — inside and outside the house. The new “baby bouncers”, who were even ordered to stand guard in the nursery, are reportedly costing the couple over $318,000 a year.PHOTOS: George Clooney & Julia Roberts ‘Involved In Cheating Scandal’ – Amal Reportedly Demands Divorce!“Fatherhood was a long time coming for George so he’s not risking his brood coming to any harm,” a source told the publication. “The baby bouncers are just the start.”Insiders also revealed that the Ocean’s 11 star demanded a $127,000 security system be set up that has a web of lasers covering their property.“He and Amal have really spoiled the twins,”the source added. “There’s been so much work done on the house already for them.”PHOTOS: George Clooney Will Put Career Aside To ‘Keep Amal Happy’However, Clooney’s reasons to fear danger for their new family members may have merit since his attorney wife has been the focus of terrorists threats for years due to her increased visibility.During an interview in February, Clooney admitted how Amal’s career will change now that they have children.

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