t's officially begun. Deadpool 2 has started production in Canada.

And after reports sprang up this morning that the crew was shooting scenes at the famed X-Mansion, the star of the movie himself posted the first official set photo. You can see the embed from Ryan Reynolds Twitter below. It shows Wade Wilson suited up and lounging outside Charles' home. Deadpool says this. 
  "Dropped by the X-Mansion. Big f*cking surprise. No one's home."
Deadpool 2 is currently shooting at Hatley Castle, which stands in for the X-Mansion, where mutants train to harness their powers and become better members of society. As you can see from the Tweet, no one is home. The same location played a key role in the first Deadpool movie, where Wade Wilson met Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.
  This time out, John Wick co-director David Leitch is taking over for original director Tim Miller. Ryan Reynolds obviously reprises his title role. Stefan Kapicic and Brianna Hildebrand are back as Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. But they obviously weren't prepared for Deadpool's unexpected drop-in. It isn't expected that any other established members of the X-Men family will be dropping by for the sequel. But it has been rumored that Deadpool 2 will get a new mutant never-before-seen in the comics.
  It doesn't sound like the X-Men and Deadpool worlds will truly crossover on screen. Next year not only sees Deadpool 2 into theaters, but it will be sandwiched between two other Fox X-Men franchise movies, with New Mutants arriving early in the year, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix coming closer to the holidays. Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are returning to once again play Magneto and Mystique, with most of the Apocalypse cast back in place, with a story that takes place in the 90s. Deadpool 2 is set in current day America. Even though it's being shot in Canada.
  No Deadpool 2 story details have been released yet, but the infamous yellow cab from the first movie has been spotted at the X-Mansion set as filming continues throughout the weekend. The movie will introduce Josh Brolin as Cable, and will help set up the X-Force series. It has been rumored that Josh Brolin signed on for 7 X-Men franchise movies that span X-Force and Deadpool. We'll also be seeing Cable's girlfriend Domino, played by Zazie Beetz. With Ryan Reynolds offering up set photos right out of the gate, we're sure to see plenty of behind-the-scenes nonsense in the coming weeks. 
  Some suspect that a teaser trailer will drop this July during Comic-Con, even though only a few weeks of filming will have been completed by then. You can check out Ryan's photo below. And if you have a problem with him swearing in his Tweets, because your kids read it, understand that Mr. Reynolds doesn't have to curb his behavior for your kids sake. The movie is a hard-R, so better regulate your kids, and please don't try to censor the guys making the art. That goes against everything Deadpool stands for.

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