KIM Kardashian has come under fire for appearing to darken her skin tone in a new ad campaign for her make-up range.

Some fans accused Kim of darkening the colour of her skin and called out the half-Armenian reality star for going overboard with the editing.
One even posted a comparison photo showing Kim’s ad next to the same picture that had been lightened to what they believe is her real skin tone.
Fan comments included: “OMG, but you are dark”, “What camera took this???”, “PHOTOSHOP LEVEL HARD”, “Are you trying to get darker?”, “it’s called she edited her picture to look black” and “you black now sis?”
Some fans were confused, and thought that the picture was one of her new Kimojis.
A fan posted on Instagram: “Omg you look like a sim”, with another saying: “This is so edited I thought it was an actual still from a game.”
Another questioned: “You want to be BEYONCE so much. You actually look like BEYONCE here. happy??”
Kim also came under fire for launching her own beauty range to rival sister Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics.
At the moment, Kim Kardashian West Beauty focuses on contouring and highlighting kits, but fans think that she’s just trying to muscle in on Kylie’s lucrative lipgloss business.

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