Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took some time to embrace their love in the City of Light.

The couple jetted off to Paris and a few other cities in France over the weekend where they were photographed spending time on a yacht—J.Lo gave us all the summer inspiration with her sizzling monokini—as well as enjoying romantic walks along the city's history-filled streets.
But although their blossoming relationship doesn't come with a price tag, this vacation certainly did...a $358,129.41 price tag at that!
Let us breakdown the approximate cost of everything that went into the couple's whirlwind Parisian getaway...
Traveling by Private Jets: $358,095.41
The pair likely traveled from Miami to Nice via Private Fly Long Range Jet—a one-way trip that adds up to $81,580. Later, they flew from Nice to Paris, which was also probably via private jet (this time, a medium range) for about $9,190.
Upon their return, if the couple flew direct from Paris back to Los Angeles via Private Fly Long Range Jet, it would have cost them around $94,450.
We're guessing pair took a private VIP car from the Nice airport to Monte Carlo, Monaco, for an approximate price of $142.55. After they got into town, they took the Tour of Place du Casino (Casino Monte Carlo), which adds up to $37.94 per person.
Finally, they concluded their night with dinner at La Chevre D'Or for about $367.92. A preset menu for two comes out to $267.92 without alcohol, but assuming they enjoyed a bottle of wine, that would add about $100 to the bill.

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