Make room, Melissa McCarthy, there’s another funny lady in the fashion game! Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson noticed a gap in the market for young, cool plus-size style, and she’s about to launch her own line.

“I’m currently like a size 18, sometimes a 16 depending on how good I’ve been, so I’m kind of just a bit too big for most regular clothing,” Wilson tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “But what I found with a lot of plus-size clothing was that it didn’t seem cool or on-trend. It was kind of like what your auntie would wear to a wedding. So it was a mission to find clothes that fit and were well-made… it definitely is an under-served market.”
So, Wilson teamed up with Torrid, a brand that specializes in sizes 12-28, to create a 31-piece capsule collection (out Nov. 1) that embodies what it is to be Rebel. 
“I have a complex personality…people see me in movies and think that I’m like Fat Amy, but I’m not… People are really surprised when they find out, ‘Oh she has a law degree!'” she says. “They think I’m really stupid. So I have all of these different elements to my personality.”
She goes on to explain, “I love rap music and hip hop — so I definitely have this urban, street side. Obviously I can’t really wear, like, gangster on a red carpet — but culturally where I came from in Western Sydney, hip hop was a big thing. And then I have this weird kind of preppy element because of the all-girls high school I went to in Australia… My other side is I just love to be comfortable, so I have some sweats that I really just think are dope.”

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