Sherlock season four drew to a close last night, ending a run of episodes that have kept fans on their toes with shock deaths, huge twists and a surprise return.

Last Thursday (12 January) Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss attended the BFI's special preview of the episode - titled 'The Final Problem' - ahead of its showing on BBC One last night where they broke down all of the revelations as well as teasing the likelihood of an unconfirmed fifth season.
Most of the assembled crowd wanted to know about Eurus (Sian Brooke), the character revealed to be Sherlock and Mycroft's sister in episode two.
“The extreme of Eurus, who has no connection to anything, is just pure brain. Not understanding anything about what it is to be human makes [Sherlock] realise that [the fact that he has] worked towards everything that he has tried to step away from and deny, is what makes him the stronger one," Moffat said.

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