Madonna and Guy Ritchie are close to agreeing a deal for their son to stay in London after a judge laid into them yesterday for dragging the dispute through the courts.

Son Rocco, 15, currently lives in London and the pair have been fighting for custody since December, culminating with Madonna's lawyer's calling for Mr Ritchie to be arrested this week.
But sources say Madonna is close to agreeing a deal to let Rocco stay in the UK with his father, 47, so long as he returns to the US for regular holidays.
As news of the deal emerged, Madonna posted a bizarre video of herself online with the caption 'tears of a clown'.
The deal could finally be an end to the dispute which has been dragged through the courts since December, when the 15-year-old refused to go back to New York to see his mother.
A source close to the couple said: 'It's obvious they can't force Rocco to return and the judge was told he's too old to be forced,' reports The Sun.
But Madonna wants to make sure she regularly sees him and they spend time together. They are just looking at the final details now like public holidays.'
Just yesterday, lawyers for Madonna demanded that the star's ex-husband Guy Ritchie be arrested for contempt of court for not abiding terms agreed in their divorce in 2008.

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