Early yesterday, STX Entertainment dropped the first international trailer for The Foreigner, a new action movie starring Jackie Chan, directed by Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell, and slated for release later this year.

  Comparisons to 2008’s Taken were drawn immediately, because the movie seems to have an incredibly similar premise: After his daughter is taken from him (by an act of terror, in the case of The Foreigner), one man embarks on a solo quest for retribution that puts him up against a shadowy organization which he must defeat using his fists, his wits, and his very particular set of skills. It also stars a very Irish Pierce Brosnan, Cho Chang, and Roose Bolton—so there’s more than enough to be excited about.
 mBut for most folks, it was exciting enough in itself to know that Jackie Chan would again be kicking ass and taking names as only Jackie Chan can. He was 61 years old when The Foreigner began shooting in February of last year, and based on the trailer, it looks like he’s still very much at it.

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