Ashton Kutcher has more than once asked the paparazzi to stop taking photos of his two kids when he and wife, Mila Kunis are having family outings.

 He and Mila were snapped with their children, Wyatt, three, and eight-month-old Dimitri at a recent diving event in Budapest, Hungary, and when the family pictures hit the Internet, many media outlets did NOT blur their children’s faces, which has become a norm in the past to protect their identity. He wasn’t happy with the photos he saw capturing the family’s first public outing together, and he took to Twitter to complain.  “I continue to kindly ask, please don’t post/publish photos of our kids. They haven’t chosen life in the public eye.  Yes we took them to a public place (we like sharing life with our kids) no that doesn’t mean we are ok with their photos being published.  Please.”  Some website bosses decided to act following Kutcher’s Twitter complaint and took the photos of their children down.

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