OLIVIA Wilde is taking a break from Hollywood at the moment as she stars in the Broadway adaptation of 1984 — and not everyone is loving it.

The play, which sounds taxing for both the audience and the cast, is clearly even worse in person after it was revealed that Jennifer Lawrence vomited while watching it on Broadway.
And, Olivia Wilde absolutely loved it.
According to Page Six, the Hunger Games actress was forced to sprint out of the theatre to vomit on Monday night.
“Midway through the show, Jennifer Lawrence bolted from her seat. Several people saw her getting sick in the lobby. The ushers were very helpful and courteous in helping her out,” a source told the publication.
But, according to a friend of Lawrence’s, she wasn’t sick because of the play but instead because of a stomach bug her nephews had given her.
Speaking to the US version of The Today Show, Wilde revealed the role has been her most extreme to date. The preview shows alone gave her a broken tailbone, split lip and fractured rib. Her co-star Tom Sturridge broke his nose.
“We’re doing everything necessary to tell the story right, and it’s an intense story,” she said.
“We’re throwing ourselves into it, and it’s worth it,” she added.
The show is full of special effects including strobe lights and jackhammer sounds and also features torture scenes in the book’s notorious Room 101.
Sturridge, whose character bleeds profusely while being electrocuted, told the publication he makes sure he stares into the eyes of an audience member while he is being tortured.
Orwell’s dystopian book Nineteen Eighty-Four hit bookshelves in 1949 and became a bestseller again in 2017 after the 2016 US election.
The stage adaptation of 1984 will play in New York’s Hudson Theatre for a limited engagement until October 8.

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