Taylor Swift has officially been spotted with her new boyfriend — and, thankfully, there are photos!

Just a few weeks ago, news broke that the pop singer is dating British actor Joe Alwyn and, unlike her very public whirlwind relationship with Tom Hiddleston, there's been very little documentation of the duo in the media so far.
Over the weekend, though, the internet was gifted with a not-so-official glimpse of the couple.
The 1989 singer was photographed with her new man in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and I must say they look like quite a cute pair sipping coffee on a balcony.
Swift, in a casual pink dress, and Alwyn, in jeans and a t-shirt, look super comfortable with each other. At one point, Swift appears to be pointing out something to Alwyn (did she spot the paparazzi perhaps?).
A source confirmed to E! News the couple are, in fact, “official.” Another source said,

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