Looks like Julian Albert won’t be part of the effort to rescue The Flash from the speed force.

Tom Felton, who joined the CW drama’s ensemble last year as Barry Allen’s CSI supervisor, will not return as a series regular for Season 4, TVLine has confirmed.
Over the course of his run, Julian went from being a thorn in Barry’s side in the workplace to an unwitting acolyte of Big Bad Savitar to a valued member of Team Flash. He also developed a budding romance with Caitlin Snow, which was cut short by her Killer Frost turmoil. (Rather than taking the cure that Julian had developed, Caitlin declared that she needed time to figure out who she was now.)
When the series returns this fall (on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c), the action will pick up six months later, with Barry trapped in the speed force as his friends and family back home (minus Julian, it seems) attempt to get him out.
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Harry Potter alum Felton — who was absent from San Diego Comic-Con last week and whose alter ego was not seen in the Flash Season 4 trailer — is not set to appear in a guest-star or recurring capacity, but that could change, storyline and schedule-permitting.

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