The actor addressed the engagement rumors Tuesday in a direct response to shock jock Howard Stern's questioning on Sirius XM's "The Howard Stern Show."

"You're engaged, right?" Stern said after calling the edgy English songstress his fiancée.
"Yeah, kind of," Pattinson, 31, responded uneasily.
The "Good Time" star, whose relationships have been intensely scrutinized since he dated "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart at the height of the teen vampire frenzy, agreed that he's been a bit protective of his romances. He's been dating the "Water Me" singer, real name Tahlia Barnett, since 2014 and they've been rumored to be engaged since April 2015. Save for public appearances together, Pattinson has kept pretty mum about the relationship.
"It's one of the most frustrating things in the world because you want to be able to" show off a relationship, he told Stern. "You kind of get stuck in this position where you have to make decisions whether you want to let the kind of crazy people in."
Pattinson was referring to the "Twi-hards" or, as he called them, a "crack troupe of crazies" who believe every decision he makes is part of some big conspiracy.
"To protect [the relationship] you kind of think, I want to create a big boundary between it. But then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship," he said.
Additionally, Pattinson also discussed the racial disparagement his fiancée faces on social media for dating him. He tries to tune out the hate when he can, but he isn't always successful.
"I think it's like professional trolls," he said of rude commenters. "They get so addicted to kind of just wanting to cause hurt and pain on someone and it's just one of the most difficult things to know how to confront. It's a faceless enemy. ... It might seem fake to them, but it's definitely real in your life."
Pattinson said responding to hate can just be feeding into it.
"It makes me feel less powerful if you're trying to attack" and make it go away. "It's like trying to attack a reflection in the water or something. You just look crazy," he said.

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