irst reaction to Sir Anthony Hopkins' new Brioni campaign might be something like, "Damn, he's still got it."

But let's check that statement. Hopkins' "it" factor never left. The prolific British actor slash dreamscape painter and occasional chocolate cake eater has been wearing suits and newsboy caps with more swag than any of his Hollywood contemporaries for years. Brioni may have been "Tailoring Legends Since 1945," but Hopkins has been the legend since 1937.
The Oscar-winning 79-year-old, currently nominated for an Emmy for his creep-tastic role in Westworld, was photographed looking as stately as ever in Brioni's finest by L.A. photographer Gregory Harris. Hopkins even added a few stylish flourishes supplemented from his own personal wardrobe of Brioni pieces that served to enhance his "magnetic charisma" and "effortless confidence."
Hopkins' distinguished-gentleman look is a 180 from former Brioni creative director Justin O'Shea's bad boy-chic campaign starring members of Metallica, who styled their crisp tuxedos with beanies and shaggy 'dos. The Aussie buyer-turned-designer O'Shea was only creative director for six months after what we're assuming were creative differences with the company's upper management. He was replaced by Nina-Maria Nitsche in June.
Since O'Shea's departure, the brand has returned to its more elegant roots, casting a serious-looking Samuel L. Jackson in its spring campaign.

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