The beach houses many of us grew up visiting had creaky floorboards, musty pantries, and an almost endless supply of grandma quilts that could have been sewn by Oregon Trail travelers.

And, of course, cheesy inspirational quotes hanging on all the walls. All the cheesy quotes.
(That's if we grew up going to the shore at all.) So Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's definition of beach house? It seems loose to us, at best. Their new $10-million, six-bedroom, six-bathroom oceanfront mansion near Santa Barbara is on the beach, sure. But is it a beach house? Not if our childhood memories serve us. Whatever you call it, Mila and Ashton's new home, which is on a private, gated drive, is sure to be a giant hit with their kids, 2-year-old Wyatt and 7-month-old Dimitri. There's a huge backyard to play in — an entire beach, in fact — and they'll never have to share a room (even though there are enough bunk beds for all their friends to stay in, once the two get a little older). Sounds like it's in a pretty convenient location for the family, too — it's just a couple hours' drive from their main home in Beverly Hills, according to Trulia.
See photos of Mila and Ashton's new beach mansion, ahead. Kind of makes us want to save up for our own Valencia-filtered beach getaway.

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