The Western media has reported that the canadian singer isn’t alone anymore. According to rumors, the star meets a young man from his own ballet troupe. The couple were seen together in Paris.

Singer Celine Dion gives fans a rare reason for discussion. The star leads a private life and doesn’t like to talk about personal experiences. Recently, however, the name of the canadian diva is always at the hearing.
First, the actress appeared in a candid photoshoot for a famous magazine, in which fully naked in front of the camera. Now fans of the star believe that she began a passionate affair.
According to them, Dionne’s 32-year-old Pepe Munoz, which is included in her dance troupe. Now the star has been active in Europe as part of the tour, a young man accompanies her everywhere.
Recently a couple was caught in Paris while walking. Celine and Pepe behaved very shyly and went under the arm. However, photos from the French capital immediately spawned rumors about the new novel of the singer.
It is known that Dion had long been familiar with Pepe Munoz. Previously worked as a dancer in the troupe “Cirque du Soleil”. According to rumors, the singer attended one of the performances of the team and was immediately impressed with the professionalism of the young man.
After the first meeting, Dion invited muñoz to act in her show. Room, Celine, in the course of which she was passionately dancing with Pepe is one of the most popular in her current concert program.
News of a possible novel stars has caused a mixed reaction among fans of the artist. The fact is that Celine is very grieved at the death of a spouse, Renee Angelil, who died in January last year. Dion has repeatedly told me that could not cope with the loss of the beloved, and therefore not ready for a new relationship.
Later the representative of the singer has denied the information about her affair with Pepe Munoz.
“The relationship of Celine and Pepe absolutely Platonic. They have long been familiar, and now Pepe is working in part of a summer tour of the singer. He also moonlights as a fashion Illustrator who dreams of becoming a designer, and therefore accompanied Dion on some shows of fashion Week,” – said a source close to the singer.
According to TMZ, the singer and dancer has close friendly relations. However, it does not seek to find a new love and now devotes all free time music career.

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