Once known as the perfect couple who gave relationship goals to youngsters, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit rock bottom when the actress decided to file for a divorce.

Months after the separation, Pitt confessed that his drinking habit might have contributed towards the broken relationship. Accepting his confession, Jolie also shared that she missed her mother during the tough time. While the two have been trying to work things out for the children, it appears that the War Machine actor has decided to move on.
After reports of him seeking therapy, it looks like the heartbroken Pitt has finally accepted that this could be an end to Brangelina and has decided to move on.
The actor has been reportedly ready to date again, nine months after the split. While his priorities are still the children, Hollywood Life reports that the eligible bachelor is open to meeting someone new.
"Make no mistake about it, Brad's priority is absolutely his kids right now," the insider tells the website. "They are his life and he's making sure they are happy, safe, and surrounded by love. Saying that, Brad does realise he doesn't want to be alone forever and having someone to love again is appealing," the source explains.
Of course, he would want to move ahead now. After being through as much as Jolie, the 51-year-old would want to see his future as well.
"Brad is a passionate, emotional guy who loves being in love so it will definitely happen. After a lot of work on himself, he's finally open to it — down the road. For now, he still needs to put in more time working on himself and his new healthy life," the source added.
It is obviously hard to accept that Brangelina could no longer get back but fans still have their hopes pinned to the reunion until either of the two find someone else in their lives and officially move on.

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