A scandal broke out over a poster with a picture of a painfully thin girl pasted on the school owned the van for pizza delivery , according to Joinfo.ua.

Signed to a questionable ad reads “Our pizza is thinner than Victoria Beckham”. Also the poster contains another mention of the name of the singer – its insulting to call an “icon of anorexia”.
Legal representatives of the offended singer has already made a statement on the matter, in which I emphasize that I consider such freedom rudeness and disrespectful attitude towards Victoria. Moreover, they intend to file a lawsuit.
At the same time, owners of a pizzeria genuinely wondering what offended the star. “We wanted people to understand that the problem with eating disorders is very serious, but we didn’t want to focus on people suffering from this problem… We’d like that our visitors perceived this is in the context… Anorexia and all that goes with it, is serious,” said the Manager Fish and Chips.
Many users of social networks also sincerely outraged by the scandalous advertising. People believe that such statements only to insult those who are experiencing problems with the lack of weight.

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