Beach days in Ibiza aren’t the only thing that Paris Hilton is finding hot right now. In addition to her summer DJ gig and romance with her boyfriend, Chris Zylka, the star is excited about her 23rd fragrance, Rosé Rush.

We caught up with Hilton in between sets to learn everything about the new scent, and exactly how she packs for her three-month-long summer vacation. “It makes me feel so proud,” Hilton tells PeopleStyle of launching her latest fragrance. “I always wanted to have one perfume when I was little, I told that to my mom. Now I have 23 — it’s crazy.”
Hilton, who has been creating fragrances for the past 12 years, shares that after creating Gold Rush, she knew she had to create a spinoff.
“We had such a huge success with Gold rush and people really loved it so I wanted to do something that was the next rush,” she says of coming up with Rosé Rush concept. “It’s just really romantic and feminine and beautiful. I just wanted that feeling when you feel in love and confident and happy. And I tried to capture that with the fragrance.”
But namesake fragrances aren’t the only thing she has a ton of. Hilton says she has “too many” handbags and shoes, thanks to her own line, as well as the designer pieces that she buys each season.
“I not only have all designer bags that I’ve bought from other designers, but also my own. I have probably like 5,000 bags. I have so many shoes as well cause I have a shoe line, so every season they’re sending me 200 shoes and I’m going and buying a bunch of shoes,” she says. “When I go home, I need to give a bunch to charity.”

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