Kristen Stewart and her Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Stella Maxwell are threatening legal action against pornography websites that have published illegally obtained nude photos of the couple, as well as other celebrities.

As TMZ first reported Tuesday, Stewart and Maxwell's attorney, Scott Whithead, of the Los Angeles-based firm McKuin Frankel Whitehead LLP, has sent a letter to multiple sites, accusing their operators of committing a flagrant violation of copyright laws, owing to the fact that his clients have not given anyone permission to display their private images.
The photos at the center of the hacking scandal depict Maxwell in the act of snapping a selfie in the bathroom, with the Twilight star standing naked behind her.
Stewart and Maxwell, both 27 years old, are the latest A-listers to have gone on the offensive against porn websites peddling X-rated photos that allegedly have been procured by hackers.
On Monday, the celebrity gossip site revealed that Tiger Woods has set his lawyers on a porn site that posted explicit photos of him and his Olympic skier ex Lindsey Vonn.
The site - which DailyMail.com has chosen not to name - posted the nude photos after they were hacked from Vonn's phone, TMZ reported.
They include images of Woods that he sent to the gold medalist skier while the pair were in a relationship, the site said.
The 14-time gold major winner, 41 and Vonn, 32, broke up in May 2015.
Vonn, 32, expressed outrage at the 'despicable invasion of privacy,' telling The Big Lead through a representative that she will be taking legal action 'to protect and enforce her rights and interest'
Other celebrities whose hacked photos appear on the site include Miley Cyrus and Katharine McPhee.
subject's face is only partially visible, so it's unclear whether the photos are definitely of her.
In several of them the woman is fully nude save for a pair of snow boots, apparently photographing herself in a body-length mirror from the front and back.
Other images in the set explicitly show the naked front and rear of what appears to be the same woman.
Of the two private images purporting to be of Woods, both also obscure his face - although the bottom half of the face in the images look strikingly similar to Woods'.
In one, the man is seen shirtless on a golf course, holding a club. In the other, he is totally nude, facing forward and apparently taking a photo in a full-length mirror.
Other photos in the gallery include Vonn and Woods in fully-clothed selfies, and one image of the pair posing for a photo, looking close.

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