No one could every accuse Gerard Depardieu of blending into the scenery. The actor was hard to miss as he was pushed through Los Angeles Airport on Friday all the while smoking away.

Last time the 65-year-old was spotted arriving at an airport two years ago in a wheelchair, it sparked fears that the French actor was experiencing a severe health crisis.
However, as if aware that his need for a little help may concern fans, the veteran star made sure to show that he was quite capable of walking.
As soon as the airline attendant got The Man In The Iron Mask to the curb - and Gerard had finished his cigarette - the star stood up and walked himself the rest of the way to his car.
The French star may have looked a little thicker than his glory days but did not seem to be any pain as he touched down in Los Angeles, even carrying his own duffel bag without help.
For his flight, the Life Of Pi actor donned a pair of shiny black tracksuit pants, a white shirt, striped sports coat and covered his eyes with a pair of sunglasses despite to being nighttime.
It is not known why the actor is in Hollywood but perhaps he is looking for a new country to call home.
Just this year the actor became both a Russian citizen and an honorary citizen of Belgium after becoming enraged with his native France's tax laws - the government had announced plans to tax rich members of its population 75 per cent of their income over $1.3 million
Gerard has certainly taken to being what he calls a 'citizen of the world' and seems particularity proud to be one of Russia's newest citizens.

The actor was presented with his Russian passport by President Vladimir Putin himself and he launched a luxury watch line under the banner Proud To be Russian.
The star has also made good on his promise to bringing money to Russia, filming new movie Viktor in his adopted country.

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