Oscar Wilde once wrote that nothing succeeds like excess. If that’s true, Mariah Carey’s closet might be the most successful place on earth.

In an oddly mesmerizing new video for Vogue, the pop diva gives a tour of the opulent walk-in wardrobe in her New York City triplex while sipping champagne, dropping names, and offering pearls of style wisdom.
“I’m not as casual as most people,” she says demurely, “but I guess I could be.”
Inside the closet are sequined gowns, rows and rows of shoes, a pink Birkin bag gifted from boxer Floyd Mayweather, sunglasses that flatter her “chipmunk cheeks,” and a makeup compact of Marilyn Monroe’s that houses a Golden Globes speech. (Mentioned but not seen is Carey’s “prized possession,” a white piano that belonged to Monroe as a child.)
Despite all the goods on display, Carey actually prefers to dress down. “I guess I dress up a lot,” she says, “but if I had my way, I’ll just wear lingerie and like walk around the house.”
For Carey’s lambs, the closet tour will no doubt recall her famous 2002 Cribs episode, which featured multiple outfit changes, a bathtub interlude, and a nocturnal fish tank.

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