Ever since we got wind of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West participating in a not-so-secret shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar, our forums have been eagerly awaiting the outcome.

It’s finally here for us to deliberate over and Bazaar‘s newly-unveiled September cover is sure to garner plenty of buzz. Photographed at Lagerfeld’s Paris studio, the close-up portrait shows the couple as they are just about to lock lips. Styled by Carine Roitfeld, Kimye can also be found inside the issue taking selfies in bed (fitted with Lagerfeld’s very own antique sheets) as part of the title’s annual ‘Bazaar Icons’ portfolio
Naturally, the cover caused plenty of discussion. “Nothing about this works for me! Badly cropped, way too zoomed in, no clothes, no emotion, no drama! It’s almost like Karl and Carine wanted to recreate what [Emmanuelle] Alt did with the Beckham’s for the Vogue Paris cover, except it doesn’t work here!” slated Miss Dalloway at once.
“Awful and where is the chemistry?” asked a horrified DutchHomme.
Also quick to voice their disapproval was Benn98: “Well, it’s certainly something new for them in terms of composition, but they both look like mannequins. Why not go for a grey backdrop? This could be a beauty ad.”
“It’s actually a nice cover,” TeeVanity said, oozing a different attitude toward the cover.
“I hate the idea of them being on a fashion cover, but I don’t hate the final result in this case. My only gripe is: it’s a ‘Fall Fashion Issue’ but there’s literally no fashion on the cover,” stated MyNameIs.
Tigerrogue shortly added: “The cover isn’t the worst outcome of a Kim and Kanye shoot, but I also know the longer I look at it, the more faults I’ll find.”

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