Sharon Osbourne isn't doling out likes for Kim Kardashian's provocative selfies.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, the Talk co-host scoffed at the suggestion that Kardashian capturing her curvy form for social media could be seen as a feminist act when journalist Celia Walden brought up the idea that "some women see 'the right to bare' as being a feminist one."
“Kim says she’s doing everything in the name of feminism, but that’s not feminism!” Osbourne exclaimed. “Those girls live off their bodies, half of LA has been through them, and everything they do from the sex tape to the plastic see-through dresses and the gym wear is about sex, not female progress."
Osbourne has previously spoken out about Kardashian's family, slamming her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Twitter in June for superimposing their faces over music icons like her husband, Ozzy Osbourne.
"God bless them," she continued in the interview, softening her critique. "If Kim wants to show off her body, fine. But that’s not feminism, that’s being a (expletive). And there’s nothing wrong with being a (expletive), but always remember what you are.”
Osbourne also opened up to the British newspaper about Ozzy's extramarital affairs, saying she tallied six women, including "some (expletive) Russian teenager,” she said, “then a masseuse in England, our masseuse out here, and then our cook...”
"He had women in different countries," she added. "Basically if you’re a woman giving Ozzy either a back rub or a trolley of food, God help you.”
Osbourne says it was an email that The Prince of Darkness intended for a mistress which wound up in her inbox that first brought his infidelity to light.
She believes her husband of 35 years cheated "to fill the void in some way," which took its toll. "I just felt like the life I’d been leading wasn’t my life at all," she shared.
However, Mrs. O told The Telegraph she is "never divorcing" the Black Sabbath singer, who she confirmed she was taking time from on her daytime talk show in May 2016.
“It’s a deeper love now because I respect him so much," she said of their union now. "He’s really worked at being a better person for his family.”
Hello! reported that the couple renewed their vows in May in Las Vegas.
"For me, this was actually our real wedding day," Ozzy told the outlet. "This is the one that I will remember. Sharon and I have been through so much, and this honestly feels like a new beginning."

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