Ok, This Is Us fans, we interrupt your recovery from last night's episode to talk about something on the show that doesn't make us sob.

After watching Jack and Rebecca tie the knot earlier this season in the most adorable courthouse wedding, like, ever, we've desperately been wanting to get our hands on a wedding dress as effortlessly charming as the one Mandy Moore's on-screen counterpart donned for the occasion. (Also, it made us want to marry Milo Ventimiglia. But when don't we want that?) Apparently, we're not the only ones who fell for the frock. Mandy Moore herself also was smitten with her character's bohemian wedding dress. In fact, it's making her want to wear one, IRL!
While we were crying over her character's vows (not to mention everything else about this tear-jerking show…), Moore's lacy wedding dress and delicate flower crown was awakening the inner bride gene in the star of A Walk to Remember! According to People magazine, Moore collaborated with the series' costume designer, Hala Bahmet, when it came to her look for Jack and Rebecca's nuptials.
"We actually had three vintage dresses to choose from," the actress explained. "But in the end, I love that we went with the long sleeves and flower crown. The dress was cut so beautifully and had a long train. For a girl who never wanted to get married or have a proper wedding, it kind of had me rethinking some things."
While Moore was previously married to singer-songwriter Ryan Adams, she opted not to wear a traditional white wedding dress for their unconventional ceremony—a decision she's reconsidering after donning that boho bridal gown on This Is Us.
"I was like, 'I know I actually already did this once before but I eloped and I didn't have a wedding dress, so maybe if I do round two one day,'" said Moore. "Wearing a wedding dress for that episode kind of shifted my mindset on wearing a proper wedding dress. I was like, 'I kinda feel like I have to do this in real life now.' " We are SO unbelievably onboard with that, Mandy!

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