Kyiv: Famous singer Selena Gomez underwent an operation on kidney transplantation due to the fact that she is sick with lupus erythematosus.

The singer has published in her Instagram photos in the ward together with her donor.
"I understand that some of my fans noticed that I did not appear in public for some summer and asked why I did not distribute my new music, which I'm very proud of. So, I found out that I need kidney transplantation because of my illness. I needed to do this for my health, "Gomez said.
She also expressed her gratitude to her family and friends, and especially to her donor, Francia Raisa. According to her, Raisa gave her "an incredible gift and her own sacrifice."
Selena Gomes is a famous American singer and actress, designer, philanthropist. She is also a goodwill ambassador to UNICEF. In 2013, it became known that Gomez was ill with lupus, but the singer confirmed this only in 2015, saying that she underwent two courses of chemotherapy.

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