Eva Mendes' mother complains about the prices of her clothing line.

The Place Beyond the Pines actress uses her sisters as 'guinea pigs' for her eponymous clothing line with New York & Company, while she knows she can always rely on her mom to keep things grounded.
She told People magazine: 'My sisters are definitely my guinea pigs and then my mom always keeps me grounded.
'I will be like, "Mom what do you think about this jacket for $79?"
'And she's like, "Too much!" I'm like, "mom it's $79 for a beautiful coat!" Sometimes we adjust it according to my mom's opinion.'
But it isn't just the opinion of her mother that is important to the 42-year-old actress - who has daughters Amada, four months, and Esmeralda, two, with partner Ryan Gosling - as she knows the value of listening to her customers.
She said: 'We average a collection every six weeks so we're just constantly making adjustments and really paying attention to what the customer wants...
'It's so important to read all the comments and really listen to the customer.'
Eva's long-time stylist Erin Walsh helped her craft her runway looks for her New York Fashion Week show and she was thrilled with the 'unique and modern' outfits she came up with.
She said: 'Erin is so talented and I love how she makes everything feel very unique and very modern.
'And the combinations she comes up with are very fun.'
But the headscarves the models donned were all the actress' idea - though she was willing to be flexible if they didn't feel comfortable with sporting her own signature look.
She said: 'For the scarves I just wanted something that was specifically me,but I also didn't want the girls to feel uncomfortable.
'I talked to the models beforehand and I just said if you prefer your hair a different way that's fine. I want you guys to feel super comfortable, because not everyone feels comfortable with a head wrap.'

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