Laurence Fishburne’s wife, actress Gina Torres, has been spotted hooking up with a different man.

Photographs of Torres, who starred until recently in USA’s “Suits,” show her passionately kissing a mystery man last week.
Torres and “Black-ish” star Fishburne have been married since 2002, but it seems as if the pair may have quietly split. They last appeared publicly together in December 2015, and they’ve both made multiple public appearances — including premieres for their own projects — solo since then.
We’re told that Torres and her new beau spent over an hour having lunch at the Sweet Butter cafe in Los Angeles. Torres, who wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, was seen holding the man’s face in her hands and kissing him across the table.
The man has been identified as Kevin Wright, an entrepreneur and solar energy investor from Utah but now lives in Southern California. Wright was married for 20 years and recently split with his wife.
A pal told us, “I think when you’ve been married a long time and you become single, you look for someone that has what your ex was missing. I think she finds in Kevin when she didn’t find in [Laurence Fishburne]. He’s the opposite of a Hollywood guy — he’s just cowboy-type, ‘I’m going to go ride my horse’ type of guy.”
The pal continued, “Kevin wouldn’t date someone who was in a happy marriage. His understanding was that they [Torres and Fishburne] were separated and co-parenting.”

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