Star of the TV series “house of cards” became the main heroine of the magazine “New Beauty”. The actress posed for the cover and gave a candid interview:
“If you eat right, exercise, sleep well and do not experience stress, then you will look better and younger.

I have a very busy schedule, and then after the shooting, a period of calm. So I am constantly in stress, and need balance.”
Cover with Robin Wright. Photo: newbeauty.com
Celebrity does not hide what makes the special anti-aging facial treatments, including how she called them “drops of Botox”:
I inject Botox in small quantities to just a little to tighten the oval of the face”.
Also Robin Wright is a fan of Sublime treatments. With the help of non-surgical stages, with the help of heat generated collagen in the human body.
“I really saw the result on my skin,” admitted Wright.
Recall, Robin Wright told how she was tricked by the producers of “house of cards”.

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