The actor pocketed $15m (£11m) for less than 15 minutes of screen time in latest Marvel film

Why do we care about how much actors get paid? It's a question that rears its head every time a new salary list is released hammering home what we already know: film stars get paid too much. It's not a sensational comment designed to shock - in fact, it's old news - but the latest rundown of earnings published by The Hollywood Reporter may heighten your frustration all because of one name: Robert Downey Jr..
Downey Jr. may not be one of the highest paid actors currently working in Hollywood - that feat goes to Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson who will all net $20 million (£15m) for upcoming films Red Sparrow, Bright and Jumanji sequel Welcome to the Jungle - but he's not far behind.
For his work in this summer's buoyant Marvel outing Spider-Man: Homecoming, Downey Jr. pocketed $15 million ($11.2m), an infuriating revelation when considering his appearance as Iron Man alter ego Tony Stark served as little more than an extended cameo clocking in at just under eight minutes. Staggeringly, that's - wait for it - around $1.8m (£1.3m) a minute.

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