The rumors are still flying about who in the Kardashian-Jenner clan is actually expecting a child. Kylie Jenner has been all over the press for the better part of the last week, as fans try to figure out if the chatter is true.

Though no one from the family has yet to make a statement beyond “We are not confirming anything at this time,” the newest piece of gossip out of TMZ is that the youngest Jenner has just secretly spent more than $70,000 on baby items.
TMZ reports that Kylie “has made online baby shopping a habit…surfing the web for high-end designer clothing and baby accessories.” They added, “We’re told she’s already got one huge closet filled and plenty more on the way.”
Again, Kylie has neither confirmed nor denied any babies in her future but, if the rumors are true, her baby to be is joining a family of extremely fashionable tots, so this report of high-fashion purchases for the new child is not at all shocking. Sisters Kourtney and Kim, along with Rob’s newest addition to the family, have proven over the years that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what their kids are given—especially in terms of fashion. There are Hermès blankets when they’re little; they graduate to their own mini Fendi handbags once they have a few solid years under their belts. What’s more, they are sometimes even as lucky as little North West, and play sartorial test-subject to her parents’ new children’s clothing line. In short, they’re often better dressed than we are.
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