Look, we here at The A.V. Club know we’ve been in a mood lately. The world is on fire and we’ve let the smoke seep into our little corner of pop culture appreciation.

Things have definitely gotten gloomy around the offices when we frame our list of the best movies of the year around how bad everything is right now and kick off a list of our most anticipated movies of the next year with half-serious jokes about nuclear winter. We’re in a dark place. We’re sorry to drag you into it.
But hey, spring is coming! And so are a bunch of new movies! Considering that one of them is a spin-off of that brightly cheerful Lego sensation from a couple years ago, maybe we should take our cues from its irrepressibly positive theme song. In other words, maybe everything is still awesome, screaming alarm bells in our brains aside. With that in mind, we’re pleased to fix our tone, turn our frowns upside down, and present a relentlessly optimistic guide to all the major movies opening between now and the end of April. Sure, we could get hung up on how our democracy is being dismantled day by day, but where’s the fun in that? And sure, we could get really depressed that they rebooted the Smurfs franchise again, but isn’t it healthier to think that maybe this one will be great? Of course, we haven’t completely turned our backs on our nagging little doubts, fears, and anxieties. They’re down there, too, like the piece of broccoli ruining our perfect new smile.
The super-exciting details: Samara returns for a belated second sequel to The Ring, just as her original J-horror counterpart, Sadako, reaches the Freddy Vs. Jason stage of her franchise cycle. In Rings, the cursed VHS has been converted to viral-video form, because who owns a VCR anymore? Going digital hasn’t changed the rules too much, though: The stringy-haired well-dweller still gives you seven days to get your affairs in order before she comes crawling out of the flatscreen.
Why it’s going to be totally amazing: If the trailer is to be believed, Samara has some creepy new tricks up her sleeve, included grossly fusing her victims’ hands together and getting a big, soggy wad of black hair caught in the back of their throats. Also, coming to collect on an airplane is a decent twist.
Sounds great! But…: This is the third of our seasonal previews to include Rings, which was originally supposed to open in November of 2015 and has been pushed back several times since. Not a great sign.

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