On the heels of Thursday’s bombshell New York Times exposé, which details numerous accusations of sexual harassment and other too-nauseating-to-even-contemplate abuses of power.

Station by Weinstein Company co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, the hard-charging, Oscar-winning studio mogul has become toxic in Hollywood. His public dressing-down has drawn the tweeted opprobrium of (among others) Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd — actresses who reportedly personally endured Weinstein’s sexual misconduct — and now, as a direct result, the Academy Award rainmaker is getting mentioned almost invariably in the same breath as Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby around town.
Taking a leave of absence from TWC a day ahead of an emergency board of directors meeting scheduled for Friday evening, Weinstein’s continuing ability to lead the company he co-founded with brother Bob in 2005 remains a subject of intense debate for studio executives, producers, talent agents, and filmmakers.
We spoke to three people who all worked with the 65-year-old studio chief in some capacity: a filmmaker, a producer, and an agent. And their thinking at this breaking-news-scramble stage of the Weinstein scandal falls into two distinct categories: “Harvey will be fine” and “Harvey won’t be fine.”
In terms of the latter, a producer who has made films for TWC and has been in regular contact with studio executives before and while the scandal broke had this to say: “He was asked to take a leave of absence for a couple of weeks. Usually you don’t come back from that situation. The board of directors doesn’t like the situation one bit. And [Weinstein Company COO/president] David Glasser has been angling to run that company for a long time. He steps in right now. Honestly, I don’t see how Harvey comes back from this.”
In the “Harvey will be fine” camp? “They may say, ‘Fuck you, Harvey’ for a while,” says a filmmaker who has written several films for Weinstein and who asked to remain anonymous to maintain his business relationship with the mini-major studio. “But even if the board votes him out, he’ll be back. He’s a carnival barker. Don’t look to Hollywood to be so morally righteous. I think for the same reason Mel Gibson is starring in Daddy’s Home 2 — after they have him on tape with his ex-wife saying, ‘I hope you get raped by a pack of n-words’ and all the other anti-Semitic crap he’s on record as saying — they’re just going to keep doing what they’re doing. In Hollywood, there’s no morality. No one cares, no one remembers.”

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