Jenny Slate and Chris Evans seemed like an odd (but awesome) couple when they admitted they were dating.

She upped his cool factor like a million percent, and he got sexier for liking the quirky, smart, pretty girl rather than the blonde bombshell.
Then, like most Hollywood romances, it came to an end. But unlike most Hollywood relationships, Jenny is telling us exactly why—which is both refreshing and amazing. Thank you, Jenny.
Talking to New York Magazine’s Vulture, the actress, 35, opened up about the heartthrob, 34, admitting they dated for 10 months and even lived together, before her divorce was even finalized. They met for the very first time during a chemistry reading for their upcoming film Gifted, in which they play love interests.
They started off as friends. As Jenny recalls, “I remember him saying to me, ‘You’re going to be one of my closest friends.’ I was just like, ‘Man, I f***ing hope this isn’t a lie, because I’m going to be devastated if this guy isn’t my friend.’ ”
Oh, and she hated his weekly game night.
“At first I was like, ‘What a f***ing nightmare,’ ” she says. “Chris is a different speed than me — I think he really did just jump out of a plane for an interview. And so when he was like, ‘Game nights,’ I was like, ‘This is annoying. This guy’s like a sports guy. He’s the kid that likes P.E.’…I first really liked Chris as a person because he is so unpretentious. He is a straight-up 35-year-old man who wants to play games. That’s it. I was like, ‘I’d better not discount this, because this is purity.’”
Jenny says that while their differences are what brought them together, they were eventually what brought the relationship to an end.
“Chris is a very, very famous person,” Jenny says. “For him to go to a restaurant is totally different than for me to go. I sit in my window and I say ‘Hi’ to people on the street. I have more freedom because I’m not Captain America. I’m mostly a cartoon.”
“As much as they loved being with one another, she says, ‘we’re really, really different,’ with different social circles and different lifestyles,” says the mag.
Jenny, from the alt-comedy scene, hangs with fellow comics and gay men, while Chris operates in a different universe where he is a blockbuster movie star with rabid fans. For her, his world was never able to feel normal.
“This is what I needed to do to feel normal. To be alone,” she says from her new Hollywood apartment.
The two broke up months before the tabloids caught wind of the split, when her heart was already on the mend, Jenny says.
“When Chris and I started dating, my husband and I had only been separated for a couple of months,” she says. “Even though we had an amicable divorce, I think that’s still something that you need to mourn. When you get separated from somebody that you actually care about, it is the destruction of a belief system. That is really, really sad…I wanted to step into the light. Chris is a sunny, loving, really fun person, and I didn’t really understand why I should be prudent.”
The two haven’t seen or spoken to each other since their split, but will soon reunite for a press tour to promote their new movie.
“I feel pretty relaxed about it right now,” she says. “That’s because I know Chris and he’s a very nice man. And we’ve gone into our separate lives. But that doesn’t also mean that I’m going to sleep well the night before, you know?"
She added, "We’re not on bad terms, but we haven’t really seen each other, spoken a lot. I think it’s probably best. I’d love to be his friend one day, but we threw down pretty hard. No regrets, though. Ever.”
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